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Rockwell Jawhorse Generations?


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After BMack an I were bantering about my recent Rockwell Sheetmaster purchase, it got me to wondering, what did they change? 
1st Generation:
The original Silver/Yellow RK9000 Jawhorse is still available some places. It lists a clamping capacity of 37" and a weight of 43 lbs. The dude who's Jawhorse I was using swears he has an attachment that was included (not purchased separately) that allows it to hold a full 48" sheet.
2nd Generation:
RK9002 is now the Sheetmaster model.  MSRP: $179. In my search I ran across Black/Yellow and Black/Green. Hell, the listing I ordered mine through had 2 different colors shown for the same model and I have no idea which will come. It has a capacity of 49" and weighs in at 53 lbs. 
RK9003 MSRP: $99, is now the base model. It's listed with a 37" capacity and a weight of 43 lbs. and is most commonly shown in solid black, but sometimes in Black/Green.


I don't remember there being separate models originally, but there may have been. Did they just start charging a premium for the full set up and start offering the smaller capacity model at a cheaper price point? Or was the 48" jaw an add on or something? 


Also, it appears the Bench mount model (RK9006) is no longer offered. It's out of stock most places and is no longer listed on the Rockwell site. Good thing I have one NIB ?


Does anyone have a better idea what the differences between the 1st and 2nd generation models are? I pride myself on knowing about tools, but all these colors and changes with no clear explanation is making my head spin ?


If not, I'll do a side by side comparison with my buddy's when mine arrives. 

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I did the research when I got mine to figure out what exactly I had because I had only learned about the Jawhorse a few months prior. The Original is the standard size but they came out with a kit (Rockwell RK9109, I think) for extra capacity. I actually saw the kit by itself, in box, listed on Craigslist a month or so after I picked up mine. I just looked and the guy must have given up because the listing is gone...I saw that listing within the past two months. Both the original Jawhorse and the kit I saw on CL had the old style box and colors on the pieces.


I can provide pics of mine but I think the differences are aesthetics. Though the sheetmaster has wheels instead of the roller and the third leg has a foot(I just noticed that). I have no idea about the rebrand variants or any of the other accessories, though I'm looking into them now.


I JUST found out about the bench mount, it was on Amazon a couple weeks ago...I added it to my wish list(I just checked, added on Dec 18th) and I was seriously considering buying it, then it went out of stock(Probably the 20-22).

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2 hours ago, wildroamer said:

I notice that they no longer make the accessories for it, like the saddlebags and log jaws. 


You're right. Aside from 1 tool holder for sale on eBay from a private seller, the accessories are non existent. 

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