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Your favorite drill bits


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As I sit here on a break at work I'm contemplating ordering some Wood Owl "overdrive" drill bits. From videos and reviews I've seen they leave quite a nice hole, are made in Japan and don't require much torque. Now I need to add a bit to the order to get free shipping. That leads me to some of their "nail chipper" auger bits. This leads me to wondering how many different ways to drill a hole I need:


I have multiple packs of Irwin spade bits (which are a bargain, but 1 or 2 of every 17-pack seem to not want to spin true so there must be some sleepy people at the plant), I have a pile of Bosch daredevil selffeeding spade bits. Multiple sets of Milwaukee twists in various finishes. Irwin Speedbor Max. Not only do I have all these ways to drill up to 1-1/2" holes, I find myself wanting more:


@JimboS1ice had a video with Milwaukee speed feeds. They are twice the price here as what I got the speedbor max on promo for and seem comparable; but I still want to try them out.


Starting to purchase auger bits and Milwaukee seems the standard with both ship auger and shorter spur augers, while Bosch Nailkillers have a more aggressive design and Wood Owl sits in the middle of the two; I want to try them all.


I have a reasonable amount of hole saws, but reading so many positive comments from @KnarlyCarl has me wanting some Big Hawgs. The FlexVolt version and Bosch version offer the same idea but different executions; Bosch is prohibitively expensive here while yellow is most affordable of the three; it's hard not to want to test them each out against each other. 


This of course only describes drilling rough holes in wood: there are still forstners, carbide masonry bits, etc. in my arsenal, and other bits I'm missing like switchblade style selffeeds.


This rabbit hole leads me to my questions; what's your go-to favorite brand of bits for each category? Twist, paddle, auger (both ship and short if different), hole saws, etc. Share your wisdom with me TIA. I realize they're all consumables so I can get to try them all eventually anyway, but why waste money on metal turds if we can skip the bad ones?


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Yeah the daredevils really surprised me; my Irwin paddles haven't looked the same since. 


Standard twist bits I haven't seen an appreciable difference in standard black oxide types. 


I like Bosch for concrete but when I bought some last go around the Chinese Bosch pack was more expensive than the made in Germany Milwaukee pack, and the Milwaukee came with more bits (including 1/2"). Maybe they won't last as long but made in Germany sold me on them. Bosch hammer bits do have a pile of carbide on them though. 

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I only buy Bosch for my SDS plus bits.

I bought the Milwaukee big hawgs before DeWalt came out with theirs so that's what I've use so far. 

Just so you know, the big hawgs aren't carbide but rather hardened steel teeth. That's probably why the Bosch version area so much more

The DeWalt is carbide-tipped with less material than either brands mentioned, and I'm banking on the extra material on the Milwaukee to allow them a LONG service life of multiple sharpening sessions before they are worn out.

I still have yet to try out the Bosch daredevil paddle but that will change since I've all but worn out my irwin speedbor max sets and they need replaced

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Yes the Big Hawg teeth look like they'll last ages. The Bosch carbide 3 teeth don't seem much more substantial than Dewalt. Big Hawgs must be pretty good if multiple manufacturers are copying them now lol. How big of a Big Hawg can your Fuel drill handle @KnarlyCarl? You definitely won't be disappointed by the Daredevil paddles. The speedbor max surprised me in that it's pretty easy to split a 2x4 with them depending where you drill, they're extremely aggressive. 

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ship and short augers:
I prefer the Bosch daredevil.
Never tried the woodowl, but I also am intrigued by them.

Paddle: again Bosch daredevil
I've never bought the big sets, and I stick to a few common sizes and buy multiple 2x packs of those.

Drill bits: for the convenience of being able to be ran on an impact I go with the Milwaukee shockwaves.

For standard drill bits I really like a brand that Fastenal sells on their counter, but for the life of me I can't remember what that brand is.

Concrete: Bosch

Self feed bits: Milwaukee switchblade hands down.

Holesaws 1 3/8" and up: Milwaukee big hawg hole cutters[emoji7]

Holesaws below 1 3/8": I'm really liking the carbide tipped Diablos. But I also like the thermoset coated milwaukees.

Impact hole saws: this is a new one for me, and I've only tried the Milwaukee shockwaves, but it looks like makita, dewalt and Irwin also make a variant. I was very impressed with just how well that damn thing cut. I posted a video on the what did you do today thread, and I was more nervous about not having used them before.

I haven't tried the Milwaukee speed feeds from jumbos video, but would like to.
Also the 7" Milwaukee augers have been nothing but crap in all the sets I've tried. There is a pile of returned sets at the supply house I frequent.
Hope this helps a bit.

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I love the milwaukees over the speed bore, they're easier on the drill due to only having 2 flutes, for paddles I still want to pick the irwins up I've heard they're quicker than the daredevils for whatever reason. Now believe it or not Milwaukee ship augers are awesome, they clean out very very well, I'd like to try some daredevil augers too

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Same here, we all use milwaukee ship augers and love em so I've never looked at anything else. Didn't even know about bosch's, I'd be interested in hearing a comparison from someone who has used both

I don't mind the milwaukees, I think they're great. The Bosch in my opinion are better. The Milwaukee spur augers I despise.

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