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Fire Damage

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Fire damage in a gas station electrical room. Cause of fire grease fire, there using the electrical room as an illegal kitchen. I guess fire suppression system doesn't work on that hood..lol This happened about two weeks ago the owner pressure washed and put white primer everywhere. That's what you see in the video, it was totally smoked out the first time I went there. He was trying to hide some damage from the inspectors that's why he did that. But everything has to be ripped out and rewired. I don't know what the deal is with gas stations burning down in my neighborhood. I did two back to back only a mile apart from each other on the same road about two years ago.







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On 3/14/2017 at 2:03 PM, Jronman said:

The damage doesn't look as bad as it could've been. There was a brick transmission shop in the town I go to school that burnt too the ground a couple weeks ago. I don't think anything was salvagable

Yea its not horrible but that's because the owner pressure washed and primed the walls in these pics. I went there when the fire department was still there the place was filled with smoke and all the equipment was in there. Everything had an inch of ash on it and the room was pitch black, you couldn't see anything even with a flashlight. I'm using a Dewalt DCL050 with my phone flash while filming 

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