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Best way to remove spray foam insulation?


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What is the best way to remove spray foam insulation? The guy I was working with yesterday asked another worker and he replied "lol there is no way". We tried hammers, flat bars, paint scrapers. He tried a chisel and a drywall saw. I tried a recip and a wire. 

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12 hours ago, KnarlyCarl said:

how much foam to remove are we talking?

You may want to get the foamzall... 

Think i'm joking? We actually have it at work





I never knew they made a sawzall blade like that. We always have the metal shop weld a bunch together...

The round tool with handle is typically a sculpting tool.

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On 4/8/2017 at 5:44 PM, rrmccabe said:

Where is it used?  Does it have wiring in it?

The whole wall from floor to ceiling is insulated with it except for a window, door, studs, electrical boxes and a couple wires. I can't remember if it was a 2x6 wall or a 2x4 wall. I thought about a hot foam wire but not sure if we got one at work. Turns out my boss came by, saw the insulation, and decided we didn't have to worry about the insulation. Wall is coming out anyways.

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Here's how I'd like to remove it:




Unless you're in Cali or Maryland and you've got $1600, you can be the coolest guy I know.




Wonder if I could write that off on my taxes? 

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