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Diablo Combination Blade Update


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You guy might remember a couple months back I bought a 12" 60T Combination blade for my Dewalt 780.


I was a little skeptical as to the necessity of a combination blade on a miter saw as combo blades are generally designed to be efficient all around blades for Cross and rip cutting such as a table or RAS.


well, I got back into some trim work today and I tell you, it's the best cutting blade I've ever used on a miter saw. Quick, smooth cuts. It's almost as fast as a 40T and the cut quality rivals an 80T. Even cutting back to front I never had any tear out on the finished side, and that wasn't even with a zero insert or backer board.


I'm impressed. It's the only miter saw blade I will but going forward. 

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Hard to beat Diablo. I'm running a blade, I think it's 40T, that I've had on my 780 for 2 years now. I took it off last year to clean it after building 2 PT decks with it, but the abuse the blade can take and still deliver clean cuts is amazing. I just finished 1500 sqFT of tongue and groove ceiling and the butt joints can't even be seen. 

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I thought for sure I'd regret not going with a standard 60T, but the combo blade is really impressive. I buy Diablo blades exclusively and have never been disappointed. 


I have a 40T table saw blade that I've cut 5 or 6 houses worth of laminate flooring with and it's still in decent shape. I reserve it specifically for that purpose now though.

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I've never been able to stick with one particular brand of blade for all of my needs. I do like the diablo blades, but in cases where a clean, uncontaminated cut is critical (solid surface materials), the red coating on the diablo blades, or any other blade with applied coatings, is problematic. Most of my solid surface work in the past has been cut with FSTool XL4000 series blades. They are not cheap by any means, but they were ahead of the game when it came to specific application cutting back when I was still running my shop. I generally used the sixty tooth combo blade on solid lumber and chose other configurations for other materials. I almost never used a combo blade on a miter saw. I prefer a negative rake tooth on miters in many cases.

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7 hours ago, Jronman said:



I'm still using the stock flexvolt 60 tooth blade. Cuts pretty decent. Never really thought to use a combo blade on a miter.


Radial Arm Saw 


I'd have never thought of a combo blade on a miter saw either, but it cuts like a dream 


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