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6507 Sawzall doesn't work, No serial # ! Switch, brushes ?


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The serial # has long gone been worn off !


I have this OLD Milwaukee 6507 Sawzall that stopped working ! I had it  plugged into an extension cord it simply quit !

I did then plug it directly into an outlet ..nothing !

It doesn't make any noises when you play with the cord and/or the trigger !

What I did on the job site in order to narrow down the problem and make sure it's NOT the cord itself, it was undone  then I took 3 small nails and put them into the holes , then plugged it into a GFI outlet and see if  had power at those nails !  I had a KLEIN current tool and at one nail it went red, saying that I do have power going through the cord !

So the next question IS, it is the brushes, I pulled both out, they were clean, but they are only about 3/16 of an inch !

So it begs the question, how little will these 6507 work with ?


OR...is it the switch ? I would think if it was the switch, there would be some sort of intermittent thing going on when work it ?

Not just dead ! ?


So what can I do to figure out EXACTLY what the problem is ?

Many thanks, Ted 

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Hard to tell without opening it up but my guess is the switch. You can simply test by checking resistance as you have the trigger open then close it. I assume it's sealed but you might be able to clean the contacts with contact cleaner or WD40. 


If its not the switch, it's probably a transistor blown open. Generally they pot the electronics so you'd have to change the whole board.


Now I don't fix tools professionally but luckily we have @CATERPILLAR who does! I'd like to hear his opinion as well.

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2 hours ago, DwTedII said:

So your saying after I undo the plug and try to figure out witch 2 prongs are the correct ones, I should be able to put my meter across the prongs and move the switch to check and see if the resistance changes ? So the big deal is figure out what 2 prongs ?



Yes. Normally there are two prongs that are shorted together and the opposite is also shorted together. There is a third kind that has an uneven number of legs, you'd want to test all combinations. If there's a major problem with it would show as open and no change when you squeeze the trigger.

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So I fixed it ..........I took it apart to see what I could see. Then I plugged the cord into the body....played with the 2 speed switch and hit the trigger and got it to run ! So I put it back together and of course it DIDN'T run ! Scratched my head and to the cord off the body and took my box cutter blade and spread those pins open just a little, plugged cord back on body and then outlet......then I hit the trigger it RUNS...it both gears ! By taking the handle apart, the cord just fit a little better , than I was able to figure out what the problem really was !!

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