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Ridgid pro "tube" tool box


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what's up everyone, new member here. I've never really posted on any tool forums before, this being the first i've registered for i believe (but not new to forums by any means, been posting on car and car audio forums for ever lol)


anyway, i'm a big Ridgid fan. to this day, i'm still kicking myself for returning the 2 i purchased when they were available at home depot, but nothing i can do now :(


i'm trying to find at least 1 of these tool boxes. once in a blue moon i see them pop up on ebay, but usually for like 150 or more! i realize they were only sold for a short period of time, but i believe the 2 i bought then returned (at the time i thought i wouldn't like them) were only $20-25ish each. does anyone on here have one/any they don't use/would sell? or know of anyone? I'm located in Tampa Florida if local, otherwise i'm sure it's not too bad to ship.


thanks in advance, hopefully someone on here can help me locate one for a decent price!!



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I've never seen these before, but I wouldn't mind getting two if I ever see them, could be perfect for storing hoses and cables. You might try yard sales and see if anyone is getting rid of them, or posting on Craigslist.

I think sales were slim to none, been at least 2-3 years since I’ve seen one at the depot

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Hey everyone I forgot I made this thread lol and I just found it again funny enough searching for this toolbox, and I saw replies so I logged in.


Yea you guys are right, they came out about the same time if not the same time as the current ridgid pro toolboxes that have been at home depot for a while now. They I guess weren't hot sellers but I know there was a small handful of people that actually did like them, like myself. I actually managed to get my hands on one last week from OfferUp. He was asking 40, it had a few random tools inside too like wrenches etc. He said someome else had messaged him already offering full price, so I said ill come now with $50, so I got it haha. I still want another, this guy said he had NINE of them, most of which he ended up giving or selling to a buddy of his. I'm waiting to hear back, he said his buddy was going to think about letting 1 or 2 go.


Is anyone in or near Flagstaff, Arizona? If so, I found this one for $20. I'm nowhere near so I can't get it, unless the guy will ship which I doubt. Here's the link hopefully one of you guys that wants one can get this! If not and you're near, and want to ship it to me, let me know :-)



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