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Best-sounding Milwaukee radio?


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Hello all,


Recently narrowed down my power tools to strictly Milwaukee, which means I'm parting with my sweet Makita Bluetooth AM/FM radio. I know a few years ago Milwaukee came out with a big Bluetooth AM/FM radio/charger, and last year they've brought out a M18 radio (no BT) and a 12v/18v BT speaker (no radio). Speaking in terms of sound quality, how do they compare? 

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I’ve only listened to the one (the big one with charger, etc) so i can’t give you a comparison, but I really like it. My only gripe is the bluetooth doesn’t connect easily to my phone, but I think it’s a phone issue, not the radio because my echo dot connects to it every time without fail. It will charge your phone, has aux in, charges your batteries, runs for days on a 3.0 or bigger battery and you don’t have to go without radio, you have it all. Or you can plug it in. And it has a bottle opener.

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I have both the 2890-20 radio and the 2891-20 M18/M12 speaker. The radio sounds decent, if I'm working in the garage or outside it's nice to have. The M18/M12 speaker has superior sound quality, some people complain about a lack of bass but I haven't found it lacking. I didn't buy either of them, the radio I won in a giveaway and Milwaukee sent me the speaker to review. If I had to actually buy one, I would personally choose the speaker. The convenience it provides by supporting three different power sources (M12, M18, AC) and the sound quality sets it apart from the other options. My phone also doesn't have a auxiliary port so bluetooth is my only way to easily connect to a speaker.


I also used to own the 2592-20 M12 speaker and while it was ok, I would say to avoid it unless you really want/need the compact size, both of the other models I've mentioned have better sound quality.

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