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Metabo cordless 9" grinder


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On 8/4/2019 at 10:05 PM, method said:

Haven't been on here in ages! Would have been 9mm, I measured with my multitool at the time so not the most accurate. I haven't purchased any 8's yet. I see one store has a good deal on at the moment, 2 8's and an ultra charger for $500 I think it was so I might pick them up. I haven't used their 7" but prefer 9” anyway as the wheels are more readily available, last longer, especially when grinding and I get them very cheap these days. 


Where did you find the info that the 5.5s push out more amps than the 8.0's?


I had my DeWalt dcs690 cut off tool stolen last week, rumours have it that a 12" model is coming out soon so I will not repurchase for as long as I can in hope it will be here before Xmas.

On Metabo’s website they makes this claim, it was also on a Metabo flyer at one point. I’ve been using the 7” for a few weeks now and I can’t really tell the difference in power between a 5.5 and 8 besides the poor runtime when using a 5.5. 


7” wheels are available pretty readily and cheaper than 9” wheel. It has nearly the same grind/cut depth as a 9”. The cordless 7” is very compact, it’s the same body size has their cordless 5”s

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