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Tekton Tap & Die Set Giveaway!


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I just submitted a review of a 39 piece Tekton Tap & Die Set. Tekton was kind enough to send an extra set to give away to a regular forum poster. This is a metric set that retails for around $40. It's Hobbyist/DIY quality but the great thing about this set is that it's the only T&D set I've ever seen (aside of the truck brands) that carries a lifetime warranty! This means this set gives you taps and dies for life. That's huge! Tekton has a no bullshit warranty too. Their customer service is excellent. If you ever have a problem with a Tekton tool you simply call them and the mail you a replacement, no questions asked. There's no grilling you about how you used it, where you got it, etc. and no bullshit about having the receipt or mailing the broken one back, just a new tool in the mail. Be sure to check the main site tomorrow for the full review! 




And the winner of the Tekton T&D set is............DR99


PM me your shipping info and I'll ship it out next week.


If you would prefer an SAE set I can see if Tekton will swap one out for the Metric set. This may delay shipping by a few days, but I want you to have something you'll use.


Congrats and thanks for being an active poster on the TIA forums!


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Wow thank you very much! I usually have some crazy banter to say about something but thank you very much I have been looking at getting a Tap and Die set I just didn't have the extra cash to justify it so this is really awesome.

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Well I feel kind of bad now I didn't know TEKTON was based in Michigan. I never really considered their products before didn't really know about them to be honest I hope I can add on to my collection of tools with some TEKTON tools this time around.

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