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sds plus hammer drill ERH -750W


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I bought one of these models 4 years ago and have used it about 6 times. Recently I had the need to use the tool. Thats when things went wrong. The hammer action on both drilling and chiselling failed to work ???. I have tried in vain to contact Ryobi after sales services to locate a repair shop in or near Bristol UK. This is a nightmare , Ryobi's after sales out of warranty tool repairs is a joke. Everyone I have spoken with about repairing/fixing this drill has said " no thanks, not interested". One company in Southampton UK, used to do repairs under warranty for Ryobi, the guy on the phone told me they stopped the service because Ryobi took over 2 years to pay their bills. Has anyone experienced similar problems and is there a way of getting Ryobi to step up to the plate and get their act together. ???

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Wayne is only one other guy from the UK that posts on this board I don't know if he has dealt with using Ryobi tools and their warranty. The only other think is to post on their social media pages for their UK customers if they have them. In the end it's a question of how much effort do you want to put into fixing this drill I know it sucks but it might be worth it long term buy something else. Plus it looks like It's not an every day tool for you so it's hard to justify the cost of a more expensive tool.

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If you do end up replacing it Bosh has a lot of nice corded and cordless tools from their green line. That's stuff that sometimes ends up making it over here as a skill or bosch  product, but a a lot never does.

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Ryobi depends where you are in the U.K   :)

Up north there seem to be quite a few repairers who take them on but I would strongly recommend writing to them or sending them an email explaining the problems you have had.

If you need any more help just message me and I will try to help.  :)

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