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My New Toy ( Milwaukee 1/2inch 8amp drill )

Harold Wray

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I have been thinking about buying a strong drill for mixing mortar, thinset, etc.  After some REALLY good advise from everyone (Thank you), I was really planning on buying the Harbor Freight drill for $45.


But I though about everything and decided on this beauty.  The Milwaukee 0299-20. This Milwaukee is HEAVY DUTY!  8amp will go through anything.  Also my wife said it could be an early birthday present.  I can't wait to put it through its paces.



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This forum system kept saying I didn't have enough space to upload so I'm just putting them on google drive. It's a link but its fine.

The drill is slick. I think the first thing I'm going to use it for is mixing leveling compound. We have some sloped parts in the house.

As you know my m18 started smoking when I was mixing some grout. I didn't want to hurt it any more.

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It's weird to see a keyed chuck on a drill you really don't see them all that much now except on heavy duty corded drills. Chuck keys were the bain of my early years of using power tools you could never find one when you needed it.

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I think it is fixed.  Can someone try to upload a picture.  I think the file size limit is 10MB.  I am not sure if that is per picture, total upload for your whole account of total upload per post.  I believe that is per picture.  


If the size needs to be increased, I think we can do that also.

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