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Possible DeWalt Purchase...


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I have the opportunity to purchase THIS barely used for $180.


Mighty tempted. The only 20v drills I have are the right angle and the big heavy hammer drill. Oh and these are brushless. Mine aren't. Was mainly looking to find a lighter drill (non-impact), but this comes with the impact so I'd have a backup. Plus more batteries and another charger.



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I'd say go for it. Wonder if this is a craigslist purchase? Just make sure to test everything out before you buy including the charger. You could always sell the charger to recoup some of the cost unless you need 2 chargers. Extra batteries are always great to have.

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Yeah, it's a CL deal. Lives pretty close, so that makes it even more worth it.


I currently have five of the 3.0aH batteries and one (just got it today) 2.0aH batteries. So this would give me two 1.5aH batteries. So I'd have eight 20v batteries total. Figured the brushless stuff would be nice to have plus the smaller batteries for the heated jacket. I have two chargers, so a third would be handy, but I'll likely try to sell the charger and my impact with the brush motor.

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that is a great price. 

I paid ~$219 for the set back when it was released at lowes. ( they had priced it at the same price as HD and then I used a $25 off coupon from Lowes. and the $10 Amex credit)


I love the impact driver. I have hardly used the drill, but it felt really good. The feel of the impact is awesome. 

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