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will there be a newer jobsite radio at any point?


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Regarding a radio that charges batteries I don't know if the patent ran out by now but Dewalt had the patent for a radio that also charged batteries. I have seen a few from other tool companies now Ryobi released one and the Bosch power box also charges batteries, so either they are paying to use that feature or It has ran out. If they are we probably won't hear anything for awhile I don't think Milwaukee has any media events any time soon. That's the one thing no one comes close to the Bosch powerbox jobsite radio it does every thing better than the competition though Bosch seems to be lagging on the brushless tools their brushless impact drivers and drills were supposed to be out by now.

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I hadn't even thought about this as a patent issue. When I talked to a Milwaukee rep they said that it was designed for great sound and if it was a charger there would be a sacrifice in audio quality. I'm not an audio guy so I can't really comment.

He also said that my complaint is a common one so chances are the next gen would be a charger

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I kinda call bs they didn't include in because of the sound quality it can be done except it's more difficult to do you have to use higher quality components to cut out the electromagnetic noise plus the patent issue too. I have heard some regular battery chargers near radio's can cause interference because they have crappy components and shielding. I have the M12 radio which I like because of the small size. If you look there seems to be a shift from big job site radio's to smaller ones Bosch and Dewalt have released some newer small radio's. It's nice to see the variety of choices that is out there. Milwaukee really does need to change it up though they have the oldest lineup of radios currently Bosch, Makia, and Dewalt have all released new radios.

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