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New DeWalt Accessories


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I know the Flex Torq bits were mentioned in another thread, which I'm pretty eager to try out, but they also have a Screw Lock system that works in conjunction with the Flex Torq bits (click). 


They also have new "High Impact Carbide" masonry bits coming out. If their Rock Carbide bits are any indication...these should be some pretty great bits. Unfortunately, it looks like they're only being made in SDS Max and Spline with the smallest diameter being 5/8". Wish they made them in SDS 3/16". (click).


They also have new reciprocating saw blades dubbed "2X" (advertised to last two times longer than the Lenox Laser blades. Also a new line of hole saws. (click).


And new grinding wheels and masonry wheels (click),


....Or click HERE to view all of the above. Duh. Just realized they were all linked from one page.

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All the accessories look nice, especially the SDS bits.

They needed an update to the recip blades badly. Their old blades were like HF blades compared to Milwaukee and some of the others out there.

The Diablo carbide blades are hands down the best for metal and wood with nails in it. The demos from STAFDA were just insane how much faster they were. The only problem is I have a ton of recip blades they seem to have giveways all the time lately.

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