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Anyone ever contacted a repair center?


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I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with Milwaukee tool repair centers. I have a m12 power source that the usb plastic tab inside the port is loose. It still charges but it will eventually fall out. Bought online and the online return period is probably over so my next best thing would be to go through Milwaukee. Luckily I have a few about a half hour away


Just wanted to see if any one has had good or bad experiences with a repair center honoring the warranties.

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You can just send in the Item if you want to. I doubt they are going to repair the item it's just going to be swapped out anyways.


If I send it by mail do I have to pay for shipping and get my own box? I looked at the link and it talks about a pdf file I could read but I couldn't find it. Don't mind a replacement I just want one that works as I use it everyday. I would rather drive there for a quick replacement but if they can ship to the center and back to me for free I think I would go that route.


I too have used Milwaukee repair center for my M12 LED light. Sent it in, no receipt, they checked the date stamp on the tool and sent me a brand new one in TWO days. Totally awesome experience.

Did you ship it to the repair center or drive down there?

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Now I see on the site it says free shipping to their repair centers. Luckily it lists CA so that should be a quick trip. I will call tomorrow monday to see if my nearest repair center has a power source to swap mine and if not I'll just ship it. I hate waiting for shipping to and from but I know I have an uncommon item so I highly doubt my local center has any.


Thanks guys

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Javier, the wait with Milwaukee is really short. Their customer service is second to no one thus far for me. Honestly the turn around time was within a week including shipping. I cannot say enough good about Milwaukee as far as tool quality and customer service.

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Chris, one last question before I ship it. Do I have to pay for warranty service? Yes the question sounds stupid but I called one of my local service centers and they said I would have to pay a fee if I dropped off the tool there. I know shipping using the e-service tool repair is free but what about the repair or replacement?. I just like to know all the facts before I commit to anything. I don't want to send it in and then get a $50 bill in the mail for a tool that's worth $30, you know what I mean?


If thats the case I would just order a new one off the internet and keep the one I currently have

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