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Vintage hand truck.

Eric Phillipson

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I work in an industrial building that has been in operation since the 1900s. As a result, there's tons of relics that have been spared the junk heap, and have been in use since they were new.


I found what seems to be a very old fashioned hand truck in great condition. I'm no thief (and even if I was, I couldn't just slip it in my pocket), so I got an idea that might be a cool home project. With pictures, I might like to create a replica from new materials.


I've searched Google for any images that could help me date it, but so far I've only seen examples that slightly match. I was hoping maybe someone here could help, or point me to resources that could.


This thing still works like a charm, and rolls smooth as butter. It way outperforms any modern hand truck I've used.














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Welcome to the forum.


VERY nice tool. An excellent score... Thanks very much for sharing!


That is superior to anything currently available, unless it must be relocated to a different location by lifting, as the mass will greatly exceed that of an aluminum truck.


The replication of that truck will require specialized skills, including casting large aluminum parts, aluminum welding and creating mortise and tenon joints. Uncertain about how to add the rubber to replicated wheels. Fortunately the square nuts are available.

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I would retire that and put it in a museum.


I have a 35 year old USA Skilsaw which I may retire that has some Larry Haun provenance.


I might try and score (if I could) a Larry Haun beamsaw from his crew. 

The legend used power tools sparingly by our standards but besides Skilsaws, the one tool he said all need besides a hammer, he had a few cool Makita big saws and the rare HPT nail gun.


But handtrucks like yours were used by tradespeople in the day and regular people in their homes. That’s history.

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