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Can i drill-hammer into cement with a 12v cordless fuel?


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Just swapped my Bosch 12v for a fuel 12v multi drum head kit (and a huge plastic suite case for the set) nothing is cheap by Milwaukee Tools, i watched dozens of videos on youtube showing people drilling into concrete etc with a 12v , so i was sucker convinced before actually trying it myself


 Notice that the battery says XC 4ah 

i went and got this (i think its counterfeit) and the best i get into concrete - cement walks is 1/4 inch 😢 


my other batteries are normal 2 ah, two which came with a fast charger (i got the dual 12v and 18v ) as i also own a Milwaukee jigsaw fuel as well., im sad cause i cant see how much bigger a 18v is compared to this 12v, the bosch where really compact, solid, def could not drill into cement at all, so how did this guy in the video do it only leaves me guessing its a bid or battery.

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Even with an 18v "hammer drill" anything more than a 3/16" hole it's going to struggle and be a pretty unpleasant experience.  Different materials are also going to drill different.  Blocks like you see in the video are going to drill easier than concrete, especially old concrete is tougher to drill.  A more specialized "rotary hammer drill" is what you want if you're doing any serious drilling into concrete but it's not real practical if you're just a homeowner drilling an occasional hole.  Also because I have no idea of your tool knowledge, make sure you're in hammer drill mode on the drill and they do make drill bits specifically for drilling into concrete.

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I drilled 4 x 1/2 holes in my old garage concrete floor to mount a tire changer using a regular M18 drill and bosch concrete bit. Took a while but it got it done.


Later I bought a vevor rotary SDS drill and that did a great job in the same floor, I also used the vevor elec jackhammer to take the floor out, then the rotary hammer drill to drill holes for rebar all around the edging of the old floor, both tools worked very well. Obviously not milwaukee quality but good project tools.

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