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DWS7085 Problem


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I have a DW716 mitre saw with a DWS7085 light mounted on it.  I am getting a shock when I touch any metal on the saw (I am in sock feet on a concrete floor).  I have called dewalt and they replaced the saw and light with new ones and I am still experiencing this.  The shock is very little, with a digital multi meter I can measure 100 ac volts between the base of the saw and ground.  If I touch the saw and ground it through me the volts is 0 between ground (b/c it is going through me).  It is a tingle voltage this is going through the whole saw, it is such little amperage unless I touch it with my wrist or anyother sensitive skin I can't feel it.  I know the LED worklight is 3.3 dc volts.  If I unmount the light from the saw the tingle voltage stays with the light.  I am just curious if I am the only one that has experience this problem, b/c Dewalt Canada doesn't seem to be to concerned about it.  Sorry if this seems confusing I didn't have a lot of time to type :P.

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wearing socks you say?  put some shoes on to insulate yourself. ;D

what do you mean "the tingle voltage stays with the light"?    no shock when the light is removed?

my first guess is your receptacle  may not be wired right.  you try plugging in at another location?

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If the light is removed from the saw and insulated while still powered from the saw, I get a shock from the light.  Tried in many different outlets and still the same thing (serveral different locations).  Checked all outlets it was plugged into and all are wired correct.  I am guessing this issue has not really been notice b/c most people will be wearing shoes/boots while operating the saw.  I was just doing some crown moulding in my pj pants and socks and noticed that I would feel a shock if I was on the concrete floor and touch the base of the saw.  can only feel it with sensitive parts of the skin.

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The only thing that is common with both issue is the electrical wiring of your house.  The only way you can get a 110 voltage from the tool body with a ground is a miswiring of your electrical outlet.  I assume the electrical outlet is wired in reverse polarity.  This mean the white and black wires are reverse on the outlet.
in Canada, you have generally two or three wires with a bare copper wire for ground.  In the case of two wires, you have a white (neutral) and a black Insulated wire (live wire) plus the ground.  The white does not bear current.  The black does.  In that configuration, the neutral (white) should not show a difference of potential or voltage with the ground.  If this is not the case, the wires are wrongly connected from the electrical panel.  You should only read 110 volt between the black and the white or with the black and the ground.

Normally the neutral or a valid ground is connected with the chassIs of the tool so you will not feel any voltage when you touch the tool body, even when the tool becomes defective...  When the outlet polarity is reversed, this means you now can have a live wire connected with the tool chassis.  This becomes an issue.

I would recommend you have a certified electrician to check all your electrical outlets for correct polarity as I am sure the problems comes from there.  One other option is to buy a polarity tester at a local hardware store and test them yourself.  Then have an electrician to fix the bad ones

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