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Type 1, Type 2...changes

Mr. Yellow

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So this has come up very recently around the messageboard. DeWalt has different types of their tools. We all know ofcourse. Type 1 for the original release, then type 2 and so on when some changes/modifications are made.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell what the differences are between each type. Don't think there's a list or anything available to the public to see the changes?

I noticed this myself recently when I bought the corded tracksaw. It had a datecode from 2008 (Type 1). The supplier had this in stock. Must have sat there for quite a while ;)

When checking the DeWalt service site it shows there is already a Type 3. The only noticeable difference I could spot is the change in the locking mechanism for the blade change. But that could have very well been changed with the Type 2 update.

Anyone know what all the changes are?

I guess if you are gonna purchase a new tool, go onto the service site and see if there is just one type or more so you can purchase the most up to date model. That is if you care about such things. Some will, some don't.

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