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Dw402 (4.5" angle grinder) problem, impossible to remove disc! (pics)


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Hi, I'm trying to change the fiber disc on a DeWalt DW402 but after pushing the locking button on top I'm not able to unscrew the wheel. If I turn counterclockwise the wheel turns, but it seems I have to go clockwise because that's the way it's "locked" (resistance). With both hands and a second person keeping the button in I still can't get it to budge at ALL. Anything I've found on the web describes using a wrench on the tube between the wheel and grinder, but mine has a perfectly round 3/4" metal sleeve there, so there's nothing for a wrench to grab onto. HELP!

I took pictures to show what I'm dealing with - thanks for any help!





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Based off of the model number, I'm guessing it is pretty old.  I would just take it to your closest service center and have it GRC'd.  They can definately get the disk off for you, but you might as well pay a little more money and get the whole thing serviced.  It'll probably cost you under $50, and you will get a practically brand new grinder.  Or you can go buy a D28402 (replaced the DW402) for around $90, get a brand new tool, with updated features.

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Thanks guys, unfortunately I really need to get this off today as I'm in the middle of a rust repair on my girlfriend's car and she is not going to be happy if she has to drive to work with the car like this! :D

This grinder is old and yes that thing is rusted on there good. I don't think I would opt for servicing because of what this thing has been through (7+ years in a fiberglass parts production plant) but buying another one is something I may have to do...

EDIT: Also, I'm not sure if we have service centers nearby...I'm in Canada (near Montreal). I'm looking it up in the service center find on the DeWalt site.

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Have you used any Liquid Wrench?

Believe it or not, I haven't tried that yet. I thought I must be doing something wrong so I didn't blame the rust until the earlier post. I was at Home Depot a few hours ago talking to the tool salesman and he recommended that I try that Liquid Wrench (or similar product) also so maybe I'll give that a shot.

I did some fiberglassing on the rusted out areas today but I'll no doubt need that grinder again. I thought I'd be almost finished the repair by tonight but not a chance! Got a late start and resin wasn't cooperating...big mess.

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