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Why was the "DEWALT DC022 12-18V Cordless/Corded Heavy-Duty 38W Fl" Discontinued

Dewalt beats all

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Does anyone know why they discounted this light charger, it was amazing. When I went back to buy one, because mine was stolen from my garage, I found out it was discontinued, and replaced by the almost  useless DEWALT DC020 12-18V Cordless/Corded Work light ,  because it does not have a angle able light or able to charge 2 batteries at once. So if any one can tell me what led to its demise that would be grate?

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It couldn't charge lithium batteries.  I think that there is a new model of it though that has the dual-chemistry charger.  I haven't had to look into that one before though, so I am not 100% that it was updated.  What don't you like about the DC020 though?  The light on it is the same, it just only has one battery port and doesn't charge.

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i am with ya man, i love my DC022's as does every one on my job sites. the DC020 is kinda junk on most of the work sites i work on, it falls over all the time, its always gettin bumped around and theres just not enuf meat on the base to keep it steady. i was pretty lucky that when i got the first DC022 i realized just how good these things are so i went and got 2 more, now i have 4 total ( one was a gift from my family) and every one has gone thru at least one lamp and each one probably has 200 hours on it, the DC020,s i am lucky to get 40 hours out of the lamps cause they keep gettin banged around.

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