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STOP with the bags


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I'm new to the website. I'm not new to the tools. I first started buying dewalt awhile back. I did some research. Ineeded a skill saw.the great reviews,and th color skeem, and knowing my grandfather had a ton of there tools help to sell me..The greatest thing was the case....I love dewalts cases..they are going away. That skill saw I nought way back then is in great shape.. Some bags....OK. No bags for a recipe saw? Hand Sanders. All 4 now have a bag...wtf. Jig saw? Router? I bought the 20v 5 piece set...bag  for that ok. I bought my dad the 2 drill set. That new case was so cheap...I needed a palm sander today. Didn't buy due to bag..I have the square sander from years ago with a case....grinders...need a case. I love ur tools. I will pay for the case. I smile everytime I squeeze the trigger on my 12vmax drills....LOVE them.and the new led lights. I have 4. Love the merger with Stanley. Been waiting for hand tools for years..no better than Stanley to help with that...get more into home depot...don't like ordering....put the cat pump back on the damn pressure washer....

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Any body feel the same way about this?just curious. I noticed today that the portable band saw went to a bag as well...that's just crazy

I don't mind the bags.

I keep all my tools in my van in bins so that I can organize them better. Cases have all different lengths, widths, and heights. It would be 3D puzzle fitting them on the shelf. My bins are all the same size so they fit on the shelf better and can hold more gear in the given space.

With the bins I find access is easier and faster. I put two bags on the van floor and fill them with whatever I need for the job. If I had all my tools in cases that would take more time as I would have to pull the case out, put it on the floor, open it up, take it out, throw it in the bag, close up the case, and put it back on the shelf. Once or twice is no big deal. What if I need four or more tools?

Having two bags (one in each hand obviously) allows me to take a lot more tools to the jobsite in one trip which is usually not where my van is parked. If I had all my tools in cases that would require more trips.  I do have some tools in cases (like my router and corded circular saw). My hands are average size - tough to carry more than one case in each hand. So I'll open those up and bring what I need in the bags.

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that makes sense. I have a truck, my grinder didn't even come with a bag. The cases are water tight. The skill saw case has been in the rain countless times. Its perfect condition. No chance with a bag. Again its the back of my truck. A few certain things man like saws in general. I don't want no bag. Thanks for the input.

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I am in total agreement with you.

I love my cases.

I buy empty cases from ebay for my tools that did not come with one.

I even bought an empty case for my lunch box. Hehehe. Plates fit great and sandwiches don't get squashed. Flask of tea, salt and pepper, cutlery. All fit nicely.

I do get the piss taken out of me. Hence my board name.

They call me that at work. I like it.

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