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DC925 Torque adjustment only drills


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Hi all,

I've got a DC925 XRP that was part of one of the multi tool kits as a Christmas gift a number of years ago (as in I'm probably out of warranty and don't have a date of purchase).  The torque adjustment collar turns and clicks, but doesn't actually slip when I've reached the setting point.  I can set it on hammer drill and get the hammer to run, back to drill and it turns the hammer off.  When I set it on torque 1 and I can run a screw into a 2x4 until it buries it and starts stripping out.

I've searched but can't seem to put in the right words to get anything that resembles this problem.  I've also tried to pull the chuck apart to get a look inside and am not sure I found the right ones; http://support.dewalt.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3002/kw/DC925%20Chuck%20Removal/session/L3RpbWUvMTM1NDQ2ODI0MC9zaWQvN0MyQmNMY2w%3D says to put a hex key in (I used a 3/8") and whack it counter clockwise as with the drill pointing at you.  I hit it pretty good and it's just not coming loose.

Suggestions or have I reached the "take it to the shop" point?


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the problem doesn't seem to be the chuck. Sounds like you need a new clutch/transmission. Taking it to a repair center would be my recommendation. Guaranteed repair cost on that tool is $99 I believe. $99 and they will rebuild the entire tool, re lube any parts, put a new switch and brushes on if needed, etc.  This is something offered by Factory Service Centers, not Authorized Service Centers. Visit Dewalt.com to find the closets center to you. The DC925 has been out of production for at least 3 years, so this will not be covered under warranty.

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Also, the chuck removal technique you are referring to is for the Rohm pusher chuck, which I do not believe is in the 925. Your chuck should have a set screw inside the chuck holding it onto the spindle. Remove the screw, the reverse thread the chuck off of the spindle.

As was mentioned however, I do not think your chuck is the problem, so I do not think you have a need to remove it.

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