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I turn my head for one second and this is what you do to my Forum! 

I fear change. I still run 18V nicad dewalt batteries, I still have a flip phone, my car has a cassette player and Miami Vice is my new favorite show. 

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looking forward to the changes!    

not sure if its me doing something wrong but when i click on a topic on the full site version it always takes me to the first origional post in that thread.. on the mobile version it remembers the last post i read and brings me to the most recent post that i havent read..    

this isnt a new problem just something that has always been since i started here.. a minor fustration.  

is it me or is that the way the full version works?

if thats the way it is, is there anyway to make it act like the mobile version?


let me know if i wasn't clear, ill try to re-explain


Thanks guys, keep up the good work! TIA kicks ass

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I can't wait to see what's in store. Brien you r hysterical. As far as problems, pictures, not enough yellow, I think new registers 1st post should be introduce yourself, I have to post a post- then edit in order to get emoticons to show up on post. Also if not the one creating a post, I have to post then edit to add photos, post counter.

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HI, This is my first post and I hope someone can help. I'm repairing a dewalt framing nailer, #d15844. The tool started to blow air out the front and quit driving nails. I ordered an o-ring kit and installed the new o-rings. The kit did not contain o-rings for the trigger assy., but after inspecting the assy., the o-rings looked good, as did the plastic assy. No cracks noticeable, and I reinstalled. After assembling the tool, and applying air pressure, all air leaks were repaired, but tool still will not drive a nail. Tool gives a "puff" type sound and seems to be moving the hammer, but not enough to even start to drive a nail. Now, I'm suspect of the trigger assy. It seems to not be moving as freely as it should, but will cause the tool to fire. Also, after removing the "exaust assy" from the rear of the tool and applying air pressure, air is excaping out the inside on the handle. Is this normal, or is the trigger assy not working correctly? This trigger assy cost around 40 bucks and I don't want to spend money on a part that is still good. I hope I have explained the problem clear enough so someone will have an idea how to fix this tool. Any help will really be appreciated. Thanks, WillyG

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Hey Willy. While I'm not familiar with that particular gun I have rebuilt several framing and roofing guns over the years any typically the o-ring kit solves the problem.. are you position very everything going went back in the correct order?

Also is it cold out where you are? Nail guns don't like to work when it's cold out.. leave the gun inside overnight somewhere near a head source and check it again the next day.. did you verify that there is no issues with your air hose and that your compressor is supplying somewhere around 100psi??

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Hey John: Thanks for the reply. The air compressor is putting out about 120 lbs. And yes, its really cold down here in Hartwell Ga. Around 18 degrees today, but thats not normal for here. Would you know if the trigger assy. is susposed to cut off all air to the gun, in the neutral position. Now, the gun is passing a considerable amount of air passed the trigger assy. This does not seem normal to me. To me, at least 1/2 the air pressure is being used up before the trigger is pulled, whice does not leave enough air pressure to fire the driver. What do you think?

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Its hard to say exactly..  18 degrees is definetly cold enough to start making a gun act up, when they are cold they tend to leak air and not fire.. my guess is that the o-rings inside contract due to the cold and let air leak past (just my own hypothesis though) due to cold,  i have had guns that just continuously leak air when they are plugged in and also ones that make a air leak noise only when you attempt to fire a nail..   i would say before you do anything else to the gun let it get good and warm inside and then test it .. hopefully its as simple as that, if not then the trigger valve seems like the next reasonable guess. 

good luck!


whenever im framing or roofing in freezing temps i always leave my guns inside overnight and bring them in durring breaks and  lunch   that seems to help for me

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