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Dining room chair and Randomness.


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Hey guys I guess I should show off some of my work so people know what I have done. My most recent major project has been a cnc ready walnut chair.


This chair is one of the first finished furniture pieces me and my business partner/father have produced using our new mongo CNC router. We both lean to the danish modern/Maloof style of furniture. After making a could prototype chairs the Maloof way we could not see us being about to get the production time down to a point where we could make a profit selling dining room or rocking chairs. In college I had learned a little about using CNCs, so we started looking into different ones as a way to speed up the carving of seats and legs. We settled on a Legacy Artisan II. We received the CNC beginning of August. We got to work learning the machine and prototyping Rocking Chairs and dinning chairs. So that is the back story about this chair, its the first finish CNC Chair.


The wood is Black Walnut we logged just north of the Twin Cities and then hauled back to our Idaho shop. We cut the chair in 4 sections: 2 sides, seat, and the back. Each of the sections get Cut on the Bottom/back then gets flipped and cut on the front/top.


To give a little insight into cut times. 

Back: 20 min per side                           ====  40min Total 

Seat: 15 min on bottom and 45 on top ==== 1 hour Total

Side: 30-40 per side                              ==== 2:45 hours Total 


Joinery: The sides and seat are put together before cutting using dominos, then the final assembly is put together using screws and plugs in the Maloof Style.


After the whole things is assembled there is about 1-2 hours of final shaping/sanding before finishing. 


Finish: The finish we use is a traditional Maloof Oil/Poly and Wax/Poly.




I also add a couple smaller projects that I have done.

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Wow that's some cool stuff Jen doing wood working with technology! I just goggled the CNC machine that was a pretty big investment. I hope everything works out for you guys. I love quality furniture I just cant afford it :)

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