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New screwdriver handle from Klein that allows you to use 1/4" hex bits


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I have a Dewalt handle, had it for years, that has a 1/4" quick-release. The whole thing is rubber-coated metal, and has a strike cap on it so you can beat it with a hammer if necessary. Came with an adapter that takes reciprocating saw blades, which makes a very handy hand-held saw. Haven't got a clue where I bought it, maybe Ace, I've had it for around 13 years or so.



14437214728_e307ffa528_b.jpgDewalt Handle by Ed Durbin (Katodog), on Flickr

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Good God, why, why would they make this without ratcheting capabilities?  They already make the ratcheting multi-driver.  *shakes head*.  

Another beautiful blunder by my favorite hand tool company.  Uggh!

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I understand that they needed to come out with a bit handle but this really does not even compete with other companies current offerings.


Here are just a few better bit holding handles:

Wera Kraftform Bitholding Ratcheting Screwdriver   http://tinyurl.com/pkfq6sz 

Wera Kraftform Kompakt  http://tinyurl.com/os7epog

Felo Smart Handle http://tinyurl.com/o36249q

Milwaukee ratcheting http://tinyurl.com/k5s32vh


The only reason I could only see getting the klien over these is having a hard on for the klien handle.

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