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Wow, I didn't know this the San Francisco FD builds it's own wooden ladders.


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Not only is that a testament to the durability if this renewable resource...that is tradition. Tradition is a good thing in public service, it harbors pride and brotherhood. Plus as a burgeoning woodworker it goes to show....wood is good! Especially in the morning. Hahahahahahaha

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When you stop to think about it, wood is pretty impressive stuff.

Its a shame that so many things that use to be made of wood are now plastic, poly-whatever, composition, or aluminum.

Aluminum baseball bats just don't have the same feel, sound, or warmth as wood.

Very few materials have the potential for that beautiful deep shine you can put on a piece of wood furniture.

Wood is string, workable, resilient, repairable, and replaceable. It can be machined, glued, dovetailed, nailed, and screwed. It can be sealed and it will float. Submerge it for decades then dry it out and it is tougher than nails, literally!

There is no better material for a cutting board - scrub it, flush it with a bit of bleach, set it in the sun, and its sterile. And, I dare you to find another material that will wear as well and yet be as gentle on cutting edges as wood.

When made of properly selected wood, there are very few things where wood has been replaced by other materials in my lifetime that are truly better.     

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