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Birthday Gift Ideas


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So today is my 27th birthday.  My fiance was upset because she wanted to get me a new power tool but couldnt figure out what to get me.  So she gave me the option to pick. 


What are some power tools, corded or cordless, that you would absolutely want if given the choice.  Hard part is the price range being below $150.  Dont want her to spend too much on me as we just bought a house and money needs to go into savings right now.  Btw, i already have m18 hammer drill/ driver combo so thatd be the platform id be working with if cordless.

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What are your thoughts on the Ridgid One Handed Recip Saw, $100 at HD?  I always wanted the heavy duty sawzall but now that I think of it, I feel it would be total overkill for an average do it yourself homeowner.



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Or maybe the m12 multi tool, $149 at HD. Unfortunately it doesnt come in a fuel version yet.  That would come in handy pretty often.  Right now i just use a Harbor Freight multi tool that has been faithful to me the past few years but Id like something a little nicer.

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Just because it doesn't say Milwaukee fuel on the tool doesn't mean its not a good tool


Oh i agree completely. The hammer/impact combo i got is brushed and i wouldnt trade it for anything. Would just be nice to get the latest and greatest as this gift tho.


What are everyones thoughts on that Ridgid one handed recip saw?

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I done have any experience with the rigid one handed saw but personally wouldn't go that route. Have you thought about the m18 hackzall in bare tool form. 2625-20. $100. You already have the battery and charger so why not utilize them better.

Stick with the harbor freight multitool till it dies. I actually have heard those are decent little machines especially for the price. Invest in some quality multitool blades if you haven't ready it will make a huge difference

For wood and nail embedded wood the fein e-cut LONG LIFE is the best I've found. For things like metal, screws and even drywall and plaster the Bosch Osc114c can't be beat.

Happy birthday!!


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