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Makita DCL500Z Vacuum- Mini Review


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I recently went ahead and bought this Makita DCL500Z vacuum for quick clean up and just to use around the house. I saw on some forums that people thought it was a pointless waste for Makita to release and I worried it may not be a great tool after reading those comments. Well, let me just say that until you try something it is really hard to say if it is good or bad, and let me tell you that this vacuum is great. It has a lot of suction on low or high speed. The construction of the vacuum really has it going after a Dyson. The quality of the vacuum is surprising, as it seems really solid. It has some really nice features that I didn't expect. It has nice rolling wheels on the bottom, but not only that, one of the wheels swivels 360 degrees so it can easily be towed behind you if you choose to pull it. It also has a nice carrying strap that has a good amount of padding. This thing is pretty quiet too, not hard on the ears. The provided hose, crevice nozzle, and floor attachment are great and I'm glad those were in the box and not something you had to buy later. It works very well on hard wood, tile, concrete, and does ok on carpet. Since the floor attachment has no rollers or brushes I didn't expect it to do fantastic on carpet. There is a low battery indicator on the tool that lets you know it's bout time to get a fresh battery. The filter system on this bad boy is pretty clever, as the whole filter system pops out cleanly so you can take it to the trash to empty. There is also a filter cleaning light to let you know it's time to empty the filter.The filter mechanism slides in and out with ease and the reusable filter is nice. This vacuum is the same one they sell in Europe and it's rated HEPA there, but it says nothing about HEPA on the US site.


The true test is the wife used the Makita vacuum...and she was the one who was really excited saying how easy to use it was and how well it worked.


I'd say it's a good buy for multi-purpose use for around the house or shop. 


Makita DCL500Z: http://www.makitatools.com/en-us/Modules/Tools/ToolDetails.aspx?Name=DCL500Z



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This never canister vacuum version looks a lot better than the stick vac Makita had before.  http://www.makitatools.com/en-us/Modules/Tools/ToolDetails.aspx?Name=BCL180ZW. I will say it is nice that Makita does offer garden and lifestyle tools. It will be hard to get rid of Ryobi totally for me they just have tools that Milwaukee doesn't have.

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the United States Department of Energy (DOE). To qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of 0.3 µm particles

i EU er der HEPA of different classes 

minimum dust it takes

E10> 85%

E11> 95%,

E12> 99.5%

H13> 99.75% - 99.95%

the most vacuum i EU have the E10, so all say they have HEPA in, but they do not write if there is an E10 or H13

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Nice review Krane. Is it going to be shop worthy? I know you said good for around the shop but can you pick up large chunks or more for sawdust? Looks like a pretty slick vacuum and for a cordless I'm a little surprised by runtime so long!

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