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Klein switch drive


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Hey guys I'm a new Canadian member an electrician by trade and a long time follower of your website and forum

Here is my review of the klein switch drive handle after the first week of using it.

Can one screw driver handle replace all my screwdrivers?

The fit and finish is exactly what you would expect from klein, the bits slide in and eject very smoothly and once the bit is inserted there is very little movement even with a 6" bit

It packaged with either a 6" Philips and Roberton bit or a 3 pack of nut drivers, the bits seem very well made and fit screws and devices (electrical plugs and switches) very well I don't know why they would not include or offer a 6" a slotted bit as it's almost impossible to find a 6" long 1/4" slotted screw driver bit and is impossible to find a 6" 3/16"( cabinet tip) slotted screw driver

Also none of the bits or nut drivers are colour coded which is annoying

As you can see the handle is about an inch longer then a regular screw driver but it's is also very slightly larger in diameter . this causes a problem trying to fit into my tool belt over time it might stretch and fit better

I would have liked klein to make the handle the same diameter as their regular screw drivers but also shorter or have the bits slide deeper into the handle to reduce the overall length

Will the switch drive replace my other screw drivers? Some but not all mainly because of the length I might change to using 4" bits but 6" is what is supplied by my work and what I am used to using in my drill I also find anything shorter then 6" gets lost to easily and are to hard to find in my pouch/bag

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Welcome to the TIA forum and joining the TIA crew Hofulstrof.  Thank you for sharing your review and the pictures.  I like the Switch Drive also.  I use a Veto TP3 and you are right the handle is a bit bigger than other Kleins.  The good thing is though I only need one handle :}

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