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Dewalt radio DC012 question.


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No you cannot use a nicad rated charger with lithium ion batteries, You have to use a charger or radio charger that can handle dual battery chemistries. If the the lithium battery will even charge with a nicad charger it might not just for safety reasons, but if the charger did allow you to charge a lithium battery it could damage the cells permanently or even make the battery pack explode or catch on fire.

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The first radio/charger (DC011) will only work with NiCad batteries, the DC012 will charge both NiCad and lithium . DeWalt has made minor changes to the tip of the battery that inserts into the tool or charger, the lithium batteries will not fit in a NiCad charger. When you are talking 7.2 -18 volt chargers, the rule of thumb is a black charger will only charge NiCad batteries and yellow chargers will charge both NiCad and lithium.

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Except for a few tools all of the Dewalt 18v tools can use 18v lithium ion packs. It's only a few tools that can't use the lithium packs anyways. The 20v label is a marketing thing to differentiate between the new slide pack batteries that the 20v max tools use and the stem pack battery packs that the 18v batteries use. Here is a video that explains whats going on with Dewalt's naming system http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBehZbptnCw

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