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Long time lurker


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Hey, Ive been lurking around the forums for awhile. Made an account in Sept and finally felt like posting, so...HELLO! 


While my current job involves almost no tool use outside of the occasional maintenance I jump at the chance to do anything with them.  Ive been into tool my whole like and I love the way the TIA crew does their videos. I'm also in Illinois so its fun to hear them talk about it occasionally.  Ive been thinking about going into one of the trades (maybe electrician) so any advice in that regards is most welcome!


You guys seem pretty cool so I hope to make some friends on here!

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What's up Hatter! Welcome to TIA. glad to have you here.

I know there are several electricians on the site so I'm sure they can answer any questions you might have.. I have an uncle who is an electrician im maine,I spent many summers working for him and always found it to be such a cool trade!

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Welcome to the TIA forum hatter512 hope you enjoy posting here everyone is pretty fun and interesting.


Out of all the trades electrician is probably the best. It pays pretty good and its the least dirty and back breaking of all the trades. I knew a rough carpenter that just tore his body up working too hard when he was young. Now in this late 30's 40's he's paying for it now. You have to work smarter not harder. I know its tough with some employers but its your body and they aren't going to help you years down the road if you have any problems.

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