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20V charger mount


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Hey I was looking for a way to mount my 20v charger to the wall instead of having it on the table.  I didn't find anything on Google so far and all I came up with was to use a piece of wood, duct tape, and the adhesive Velcro pads. This of course is not a very stable solution, but it did only take me like 10 min.  If anyone has a better/ more ascetic idea I'm all ears! Also will there be any cooling issues? I didn't cover any of the vents so I wouldn't think so since its usually flat on a table anyway.

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I mounted the 18v XR car-charger in my van. What I did was open the housing (I had to open it anyway to change the cord and add a switch) and drilled some screw slots in the bottom. This will void your warranty though.

That's an awesome charger! I love mine. It NEVER leaves my truck.

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