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Bosch CM8S vs Makita LS0815F


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Hi all, new to the forum but I've been a fan of the Website and videos for awhile.


I'm a pretty new woodworking guy and am trying to decide between these two 8 1/2" miter saws. I've picked this size because I'm tight on room and like the portability factor and figure if I need to go beyond the capacity of these I can use my Festool track saw. I love my two pieces of Festool gear but can't justify the cost of the Kapex, so I'm wondering if anyone has feedback on these two newer saws from Bosch and Makita, or maybe on their bigger counterparts that may translate down to these sizes.

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Welcome aboard JPlemons. I can't comment on either but both tools get good reviews. The Bosch has a slightly depth of cut over the Makita but I have never researched or used either one, sorry :)

I will say the Makita comes with support arms and an LED and also weighs less while the Bosch has slightly deeper cut capacity 12-3/4 vs 12" and a couple of degrees on the miter.

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welcome to the forum!! and good luck man as was just in the market for a new mitersaw just a couple months ago and its hard once u start ur homework on them u find the whole world of many different features such as dual bevel,laser/XPS ;) lighting,and so and so on but be wise and take ur time so that u aren't regretting ur purchase

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Hello Jplemons !


We sell both Bosch and Makita at our store.


By any chance, would you check out the Makita Ls1018 ?  It's a bit bigger and a bit heaver but it provides so much more in function and capacity.  Here in belgium the Ls1018 is only 30 euros more expensive then the LS0815 so price isn't an issue really.


If indeed the size constraint is really an option then the single action Ls0815 is a very good, compact little saw :)

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