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Ryobi Battery Deal at HD - High Capacity 4Ah two pack


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While strolling thru HD's Christmas Clearance section I stumbled upon a cardboard display with two packs of the newer high capacity 4Ah (72Wh) P108 (?).  Over on the tool aisle they sell these individually for around $100 each.  This two pack was marketed as a "Special Buy" and originally sold for $99.  Last night they were marked down to $84 for clearance!  At $42 per power pack it's a pretty incredible buy.  Maybe I should have snagged two packages?

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Thanks for the welcome, gentlemen! 


While we have more 'upscale' brands in the lab at work, I found that the Ryobi cordless line offered pretty decent performance for a paltry sum.  Perfect for the handy homeowner and occasional "Rebuilding Together" charity project or the like.  I think my oldest is an SA1802 drill that came with the original P100 packs - 10+ years ago?  Been slowly adding Li packs, but this deal really made me happy.


Kudo's to Ryobi for not just abandoning us 'old blue tool guys', and offering an economical upgrade path! 

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While there are some 'clean sheet designs' in the green series, a number of them are only mild upgrades to the older blue.  It's pretty amazing how the constant voltage attributes of the Li-Ion batteries really seems to step up performance of the older tools.  Plugging in a new style battery (they last longer and run hard pretty much until the discharge sense ckt kicks in) makes the old feel like new.  Catch a battery or battery/charger deal (especially those included with a new tool that you want) breaths new life into everything else you already own. 


Thanks again for the welcome.  I was on both the old Dewalt tool and Ryobi 1+ forums years ago.  I actually found that my old Dewalt account got me in the door here without having to register.

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DR99: Thanks! That's exactly what my oldest drill looks like.  I know it's an 1802, so have to check the exact series tonight.  It does smell a bit - figured it was just aged brushes.  Maybe it's worse that that!


Chadlanthier:  Nice GSD.  I use a pix of me and my old boy on other forums also.  Probably should amend my profile to show him.

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