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Chimney Question/Advice


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    I have a gas forced air furnace and my Mom has an oil fired forced air furnace. Do I need to worry about having these chimneys cleaned? I should note both are routed to an actual chimney and not a power vent. Thanks!


ETA: Both are sealed where the metal ducting enters the chimney with fireproof caulk material.

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Oil furnaces can be sooty so you might want to have it cleaned out occasionally. I don't really know if you really have to It's just what i noticed with my friend that had an oil burner. It could be you don't have to do anything. Gas forced air you don't have to worry about anything for the most part.

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Yeah I'm with Jason, I've been here for 13 years and haven't had to have my chimney cleaned and I use oil. There is some debris and blow out from build up and I will be checking mine out in the next three years or so just to be sure. I just had a guy two years ago re point my chimney (I'm scared of heights so that's a big no no job for Chris) and he reported it looked great. I am not sure when it was cleaned last.

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Thanks guys, I figured I and Mom were okay, but what stirred my curiosity has been a rash of chimney fires in the county. I'm thinking to be safe, I'll have Mike Holmes come by and spray fire proof foam insulation on the outside of our chimneys! We all know how he likes his spray foam!

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