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90 degree angled impact driver

Alan m

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I have a trend snappy version of the 90 adapter/

its a great accessory to have but I find that its hard to keep on the screw correctly.. it wants to rotate too much. you also need three hands  at times too. one for the drill , one for the adapter and one on the piece being screwed . an all in one drill would make that so much easier.

the problem I have is that the 90 degree drill is a lot bigger than the 90 degree impact. but you  cant use normal drill bits in the impact.


does any one know of a review of the 90 degree impact

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Hello Alan !


If you want i can take the exact measurements of the head lenght tomorrow in my store :)


The plusses of an angled driver:  Driving in screws at an angle has never been so easy.  Bit will not slip out, tool does not want to rotate so very easy and simple driving of screws.


The negative is that you do not have to expect the torque of a normal impact driver.  The Makita DTL061 has about 60 Newtons of torque compared to a normal impact driver's of 160 - 180 Newton.....  For wood screws.. no problem at all. Sufficient torque.  


Just don't think you can drive in big fat lag bolts with it at an angle =p

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Ow... and atleast here in belgium you can get a ratcheting headpiece  or a straight nose piece that you exchange with the angled one basically turning it into a 3/8" or 1/2" ratchet  or a very thin long impact driver =D

That's the Ratchet Piece.  It requires an extra 3/8th or 1/2th adapter Like this one:


And the Straight nose:



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I was going to say on the Milwaukee review their new right angle impact looked very similar to the Makita. I think some tools are complete designs from the Manufacture, but others are picked up from an oem and just have different cases on them like the right angle impact.

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Yeah i've sold a few before :)    The very short head lenght is the reason for my customers to buy it.  It's shorter then the Right Angle pneumatic drivers/ratchers I could offer the customers.


Feed back has been  just 'Normal'.  Which is a good thing in a store :)  No complaints and it's also not a super power house innovative tool that it merits cheers and  " Wow !! " from the customers =D


I'll take the measurements tomorrow and screw in some 5 x 100 screws with it tomorrow :)

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Hello alan !


Here's the tool:


It's about 45 mm from the bottom to that little " nudge".  And around 50 to the top of that " step up".  sorry for my sucky english :D


And here is a link to the DTL061 Screwing in a 5 * 100 wood screw =)



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Alan, im in the same boat as you.. i don't need a right angle all the time but every now and then its the only tool that will get the job done.    i ended up with this adapter from milwaukee..    i tried a few and this one was by far the most solid and well built..   i love it and it has been working well for me for years now.       usually i will chuck a 12" (300mm) extension into the end of my impact and then this adapter into the end of that...    ill post a picture of the setup monday if you want. 


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Does anyone know how to buy the makita right angle adapters?  I read above that it is sold in Belgium. I tried to use ebay but couldnt find one.  Thanks






Search the part numbers (http://www.makita.ca/index2.php?event=newaccessorydetailstemp&id=46) and i'm sure you can find them at additional places.

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