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Orbital Sander


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Depends on the stroke but a random orbit sander used with different grits is going to allow you to get a superior finish on larger projects. Hand sanding is sweet for true finish work and touch up. A multi tool is just that....a multi tool. It does everything. The sanding pads on those are very small though and dust control is not the best whereas a sander can be hooked up to a DC unit or shop vac making things healthier to finish. Not to mention cleaner and prevent sawdust from collecting under the lad and damaging your finish. And welcome aboard!

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sanding with a multitool - mhhh ya ok its doable for certain applications, small areas etc.

but with a ROS its way quicker and they perfrom well.

the sanding pads are not expensive either.

i own the ROS20VSK (k is for hardcase and VSC = c stands for carrying bag) and i have nothing bad to tell you about.

works great with the dust canister as well as with a shop vac - i might wanna lower the suction on the shop vac :P

variable speed is awesome too.

but i might gonna upgrade my sander to the ROS65VC (3.3amp, 5" and 6" pads, you can switch them, and vibration control.

or i go straight to the OS50VC the 1/2 sheet sander which i eyeballed for a long time. thats a beast!!


but again, with the ROS20 you cant go wrong - i have it, i use it a lot and its awesome.


and welcome to the forum buddy

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