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That Was Dumb.....


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So I'm out in my shop and decided to put the wire wheel on the grinder to clean up some parts to the Wilton I'm working on. I figured I'd put the wire wheel on the right toward the end of the bench to give me more room, and move the finer grit wheel to the left.

I took the spindle but off the right, then moved over to the left. Without a wheel on the right to hold, I couldn't pop the left loose. I put my big cordless impact on it to pop it loose. As soon as it started to spin I instantly realized the left spindle was reverse threaded, but by the time I let off it was too late.

I pretty much mashed both flanges flat and distorted them to the point it took a 3 jaw puller to get them off. A rare bone head move by me. Luckily I didn't damage the spindles and ruin those too.

Repair cost will be $15. I guess shit happens.


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