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what is the difference in the impact drivers


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I guess it all depends on what you are using them for? Are you just a DIY type guy around the house? Or are you doing side jobs here or there? If it is just around the house you could go with the standard 18/20V, or you could go with a smaller 12V. Personally, if it is just around the house stuff I would go with a 12V line. Also, if you're thinking about brands, Bosch, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita all make excellent tools. If you're looking at a 12V line I would go with Milwaukee personally. However, I have heard that DeWalt makes a good impact in that line as well. I don't think you will make a bad decision in your selection, depending on what applications you plan to use the tool for.




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Hey man !


Hope this will help you:


USA Name: LXDT01     EU name: BTD145



This is their 'oldest' Brushless impact driver. If memory serves me right it has been around since 2009 - 2010. Still a very decent tool all around. Still up to par in terms of power/speed with most current brushed/brushless models.

Has a 3 speed selector.


USA Name: LXDT06Z     EU name: BTD147 ( DTD147 )



This the follow up model to the LXDT01 above here.  Abit smaller. Abit lighter. Abit more powerfull and abit more RPM.

Next to the 3 speed selector it also has a " T " mode wich is usefull for self drilling screws. It prevents stripping out the heads of the screws.


USA Name: XDT08    EU name: BTD129 ( DTD129 )



This one is actually the 'cheaper' version of above tools. Only 1 speed. The hammer/anvil is a little less durable then in the other impacts.

Also not as small/compact as the above tools. ( This does not mean that is is in any way heavy or cumbersome. Just not As compact as the above tools.) About thesame power/speed as the original brushless Impact LXDT01 at the top.



USA Name: XDT09    EU name: DTD148



That's a review on the tool.


This is the fully featered, everything you want impact.  Smallest, lightezt and most compact.  And yet a littlebit more torque making it makita's strongest.


Even more important:  The awesome RPM and BPM on this tool.  This speed is what makes this tool lightning fast in driving screws in wood.




USA Name: XST01M   EU name: DTS141



This is not an impact as we know it. It does not have an hammer/anvil to generate the torque. It uses an what makita calls " oil pulse " hammer system.  This has 3 benefits:  First of all its VERY quiet. The rattling, hammering sound of an impact is gone.   Second benefits is less vibration, the tool is easy on the wrist.  Third benefit is that the oil Hammering system generates very less heat and is more durable then the normal impact's hammer/anvil system.


It also has it's negatives: It has alot less torque then normal impacts.  This means this tool is designed for 'lighter' impact work but ALOT of it ( because of the durability ).


Driving in screws in wood goed perfect with this tool. Self drilling screws trough iron goed great with it. ( Because these applications rely more on the RPM/BPM then on the actual torque of the tool )


Setting bolts/nuts or driving in big tapcons is NOT what this tool is designed for . ( These applications need alot more torque which the Oil Pulse system does not provide )







Hope this helps :D

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