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Annoying splinters


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So yesterday I got this splinter, pierced it's way into my index finger, right in the joint where I bend my finger and it's callused over so I'm surprised it even got in. I got part of it out or all of it, not sure. Feels like something is there or I'm just feeling a sore spot where I was digging to get it out.


I can't tell if their is anything there, I don't feel a bump. It's sore at the moment and when I was trying to cut bits of skin away to get deeper to see if anything is there I couldn't find anything. Little bit of pus came out when I was searching but, don't know what to do beyond this point. Do I just let it heal? Think I should go see someone professional to examine my finger? lol...


Never had a splinter I couldn't get out, maybe it is out and it is just infected now from me getting it out or it is infected because some bastard lil piece is still in there ><


It doesn't hurt being idle, but can't bend my finger fully. When I try and bend it a sharp pain occurs but that could either be because a lil piece is still there or it could be that when I bend my finger it puts pressure on the cut causing a sharp pain....ugh this is annoying, it's almost like having a foreign body trapped in your eye and you can't get it or you scratched your eye so it feels like something is there but isn't.

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I had a cut in the crease of my big toe that hurt like hell when I walked. I had family look at it under a magnifying glass to see if there was anything in there (A little difficult to stare closely at the bottom of your own foot) and no one saw anything. After a week I got a 10x eye loop and had someone look at it again. Sure enough there was a shard of glass that had lodged itself in there good. Instant relief when that was out.


If you give it a couple days or so, sometimes it works its way back to the surface of the skin enough for you to grab it. 

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