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The best belt sander?


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your on track with both the porter cable and the makita.. i had done some serious research at one point on belt sanders and those were the two brands i landed on..   im pretty sure i was leaning towards the makita in the end..    i didnt end up with either, put it on hold for a while and eventually i went with the Festool Rotex sanders.. now i dont even keep a belt sander in my trailer.. but for your uses (other than furniture) it sounds like a belt is a better choice for you..


the 3x21 is a much more common belt size, the bigger 3x24 belts should only last a little bit longer.   with the 3x21 you are at a 8amp motor for PC and a 8.8amp for Makita, makitas 3x24 is also 8.8amp.. which is probably more than enough for all these units.. if you want to stay in the 3x belt size but get more power im pretty sure PC has a 3x24 with 12amp.. thats most likly overkill for anything other than heavy duty use.. 

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Thanks! They are both similar prices... and I am leaning towards the Makita to be honest. However, the trim carpenters that I know swear by the Porter Cable (and of their wood working tools actually). I'm sure I won't go wrong with either, just need to fork over the dough and buy one!



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