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question to our dewalt nuts / employees


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i made a picture of the label on the air compressor....says the exact same thing... i have to change the size and then i will upload them


ya i just found the porter cable 30gal as well....

i also went into a another lowes and they had 2 30 gall air compressor inthere with the same label on it

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Wait.... The model number is in the compressor tank from"DeWalt" ?????? I'm lost....

Either way, it's a GREAT price.

I'd ask an associate at Lowes to give you their details on them. Ask if they are stock items. Negotiate the price down further.

i tried to get some details but their system doesnt tell you anything about it haha

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There are tools that have different numbers and specs on them that are not listed on the Dewalt website but are in stores like lowes, home depot, and Andersons. Another good example is the 80 gal 2 stage air compressor the part number at rural king is different than the one on the Dewalt website. By looking at the two side by side there is noticeable differences in the motor an air port plug ins. There is also a big difference in price. From what i gathered when talking to sales reps is the rural king is a cheaper version put into stores like that. There is also times when a product gets a part number just for one store I have ran into it a couple times when trying to price match 2 kits with lowes beat it by 10% policy. If the part number don't match they won't beat it even though they are the same probably a scam lowes created lol

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