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Power Outage


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Not sure if where this fits into another topic.


I was making some cuts last night on my table saw in the garage and while I was mid cut, the lights go out and the motor looses power but the blade is still spinning. Not just a tripped breaker, full house power outage. Luckily it was a relatively small piece (not ripping sheet goods) so I slowly backed the piece out and found my way to the door to the house. Scared the crap out of me though having a spinning table saw blade in a pitch black room. I have never thought about battery backup lights in my garage before as I don't have power outages often.


Has this happened to anyone before and do you have some sort of backup?




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I have never had that happen to me before. That would be pretty scary. I am looking into installing a whole home generator. Our new house and the power lines that feed our neighborhood are surrounded by trees. Seems like every time the wind blows the power goes out.

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Did your Table saw trip the circuit? 


I had my table saw leave me in the dark a few times now. It depends on which outlet I plug it into. I have been meaning to add a dedicated circuit for it. My situation just drops the garage power not the whole house.



No, the entire street lost power for 20 minutes. Unless my table saw blew a transformer. That would take longer than 20 minutes to fix though.

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