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solutions for drywall knives??


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looking for a better way to store my drywall knives and trowels. right now I have them all in a small canvas bag that ends up sweating them and never getting them completely dry... so I end up with rusted or pitted knives, mind you the only downside right now has been a rusted colour to the mud.


anyways, ive seen some ideas of plywood boxes with slits in the top for the blades and that but im wondering what the other options are?

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I don't have a whole lot of them to make the 5 gal bucket worth carrying. I have 4 tools and then I keep my rasp and tape and some screws (for the small jobs) so I guess I will be making my own box.....


ill plan it out sometime next week and post pictures for anyone who is interested lol

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heres what I just drafted up.. im thinking of using 3/4" pine?


anyways general dimensions are 17"x10"x5"


I am planning to use a ?reverse? kind of box. one half will be a "bucket" and the other will have an open bottom and I may drill some holes in the bottom side of it to allow air flow. but the open bottom side will house the knives and blades. the other side will carry my rasp some screws, maybe a spare drywall knife and saw and the tape. with my sanding pad. I use big roles of sand paper so that will stay in the truck for various uses naturally. but that's how I think I will solve my problem. yes its bigger, heavier and more awkward to move but! I can access everything easier and I will get airflow.

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well I built my design today.. I changed it slightly so it works out better with the wood I had left over. and I did it as per my usually lately, not really measuring it out but guessing it out and it worked out 10x better than I thought it would. I will post some pictures either tomorrow or next week. I still need to put a handle on the box but it fits what I wanted it to with no issues so I couldn't ask for more


thanks for the suggestions though

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