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Impact wrench open the cleaning of the consequences


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I have a impact wrech,I used it long time,and I don't remember how long in the end.so I found some problems recently.Although it not be used.it looks good as new.

I planed to cleaning it.

I took some picture.post-51342-0-33691300-1438588839_thumb.jpost-51342-0-76133500-1438588689_thumb.jpost-51342-0-50366600-1438588657_thumb.j


But I can not be assembled.​




How can I do?

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Weird. Never heard of 'em.

From their website...


About Us

LUMU was founded in 1993. We are the professional power tool's developer and manufacturer. Our headquarter is in 2002 S Wentworth Ave, FL 2, Chicago, IL, 60616.

We exist for the simple target: Do the better tool, To easy your work.

We have a young and creative R&D team .

Well experienced Quality Control Team.

Efficient and Passionate Sales Team.

Endless Support for after sale service.


So. Yeah. That's interesting...

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I'm suspicious about any number of things with this company.  The banner pic on their website shows a rotary hammer, an OMT and a cordless nail gun, none of which apparently exist in their catalog.  Not only that, but the impact wrench is there 3 times as is the recip saw.  They also list drywall screws as an accessory.


For a company "founded" 23 years ago not to have a single review or mention anywhere on the interwebs also really seems a bit dodgy to me.  Something is not quite right here.

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This one's just hypnotic...and loud...

Single YouTube comment...


Dezhao Xu 4 days ago

OMG. that is steel. really powerful brushless tools

Same guy on the "Drilling into Wood" video...


Dezhao Xu 4 days ago

seems as easy as a piece of cake……

I am digging the psuedo-Game of Thrones music though...

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Protip: Don't watch. It's long. And dumb.

Why would you ever disassemble a Batt?

Because when the piece of shit dies in 3 weeks and there's no warranty or tech support in the Western Hemisphere, you'll have to resort to desperate measures.

By all rights this thread should be deleted as spam, but it's just too damn entertaining

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