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Justin Hernandez

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Watch your self don't take a coconut to the noggin....

Years ago I was walking under the one in my front yard that has coconuts the size of basketballs and one fell rite behind me I felt the breeze from it. 


how high up is that? and how often do you have to do that? in kno in Arizona thy remove the bark on the palm tree to stop the rats and cockroaches from living in them.

That's a 28 footer almost fully extended I use a 32 on the taller ones. If you want them to look nice all the time every 3-4 months I think that one is at 6 months, I do a better job on the shorter ones I use a chainsaw, I will post a pic tomorrow. Only birds and ants live in the ones down here, what the heck are roaches doing that high up..lol


Hey, they look excellent, good job! Yeah, I'd love cocanuts but shipping would be a bitch on them, and I think their is some kind of federal regulation on shipping produce. Also, how do you crack open a cocanut anyways?

Haha, I have a couple hundred of them that would be a million dollars to ship. Its a pain in the ass to keep them looking nice I have 8 palms and some are even taller than that one. You use a super sharp machete to cut them open

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I always liked the look of palm trees because they are so unique compared to other kind of trees. Looks like trimming them is a bit of a bitch, but you seem to manage it ok without calling in a tree service. Yeah, I don't have a chainsaw, and one day I had to cut a limb off a tree that was too big for a pruner, so I had to use the only thing I had, and that was an old dull hand wood saw, lets just say I did get the limb cut, but with much frustration. Now if I had a Milwaukee sawzall, all that pain could have been avoided. ;)

Chainsaws are the best and if you don't have any trees to cut you can just run around the neighborhood with it chasing the kids.lol Coconut palms are so high maintenance, there worse than chicks 

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