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First Day In My New Job!


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so I finally started my new job today and for the first time in a long time all the components of my toolbox were in the same place. I have had the end cabinet at the house to repair some damage done by the shipping company and to add some custom graphics. Today was the first day it was all done and put together. I realize i posted pictures of my box in the "Show off your box" section but I wanted to show the crew what she looks like all together. Rough day at work, haven't worked for 2 years due to immigration bullshit so its hard getting back into it but it'll come!




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Bear once again congrats on the new job bro and man that box looks so Sweet!!!! Hopefully u liked the first day bro.

Thanks big MikeZ I appreciate the kind words bro! First day was hard, raised on European cars and all I did today were domestic trucks and I ain't never worked on em...first job was AC compressor and drier on a Dodge 3500 dually crew cab can't get much bigger...lol

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Congratulations Bear! I believe you said you worked for an independent shop on one of dans periscopes of I remember right. Good luck this week.

Thanks very much Nicholas, yes it's a small shop, just me the owner and his nephew. It's good to start small till I get back into the swing of things!

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Congrats on the job, congrats on the shinny snapon toolbox, and congrats for liking turboed mini coopers haha :D

Thanks bro, love my Mini's, I'd love a classic but my fat ass can't get in one now...next one I get is gonna be the right colour though, British Racing Green with a white roof and hopefully a John Cooper, gotta love more bhp!!...lol

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