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Light service on a DCD925 Type 10


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I bought a non-functioning drill for $6 at the flea market.


Turned out to be the brushes, which I'll order soon (the eBay seller is on holidays for the moment  :-D).



There was a bit of corrosion on the rotor and stator:


IMG_20150913_144119.jpg IMG_20150915_135606.jpg



I got it (mostly) off with contact spray and elbow grease:






But the rotor's pinion seems pretty dry, should I put a dab of grease?

Ideally, should I remove the gearbox' cover and clean/grease the gears?




Also, there are some pretty deep marks on one side of the stator:




Should I be worried?

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Hmm, the local thrift store always has a heap of junk power tools. I wonder if I should pick up a couple and refurbish them.

I'm thinking the same thing. If I can't get them going then I'm not out a lot. Especially if I can score one for 6 bucks.

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I fixed my barely used 2007 full size18v 1/2" impact gun with a $7 plastic spacer part. A plastic spacer carriage housing had cracked and a piece lodged itself in the motor causing it to no run and get hot really quick. I took it apart, found the problem, ordered part, 4 days later I had it back to gether working perfectly. The new plastic spacer carriage was an updated plastic that looked much stronger than the original. Got all my parts from ereplacementparts.com


Win! Win!

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